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Decorated HOME Chipboard Pennant

Susan Cobb

Decorated HOME Chipboard Pennant
By Susan Cobb

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Designer Tip: These 3-D Dazzles are perfect for adding extra dimension and sparkle to this wooden pennant. Fold the flower petals or butterfly wings for a 3-D effect.



  1. 1) Cover the letters with Grapefruit patterned paper as shown. Use your knife to trim the edges evenly with the shape of each letter. Ink one heart and one of the flower shapes black and let dry. Zot the shapes to the letters with lighter colored papers as shown. Use the Crop-A-Dile to re-punch holes in the tops of the letters.
  2. 2) Thread a 36" length of 1/4" wide Grapefruit pink grosgrain ribbon with orange stitching through the top of each letter, with about 4" excess at each end. Tie a knot 2" from each end.
  3. 3) Cover a small flower and large heart shape with Grapefruit dark pink textured paper trimming edges evenly with the shape. Thread 3/8" wide light pink dotted grosgrain ribbon through each paper covered shape. Hang the flower from the top of the "O", and the heart from the top of the "M", using Zots adhesive dots to secure. Tie a Grapefruit light pink bow and Zot to the top of the "O".
  4. 4) Back 3-D butterfly and 3-D flower Dazzles with Grapefruit pink, black, or orange paper trimming the edges evenly with the sticker. Add to the letters and shapes as shown. Use Grapefruit 3/4" wide bright pink crepe ribbon to tie a bow. Zot the bow to the left side of the letter "H" as shown. Tie Grapefruit light pink ribbon around a portion of the letter "M". Glue 3/8" wide Grapefruit black/pink stitched grosgrain ribbon across a portion of the letter "e", trimming edges evenly.