Party Hearty Treat

Erica Hettwer

Party Hearty Treat
By Erica Hettwer

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Designer's Tip: A gift card or money can be slipped in the pocket of this card as well.



  1. Cut a 4"x12" multi colored Grapefruit paper, score at 8" and 11 1/2". Fold the black sides together at the 8" score line and then fold down the last 1/2". Place with the fold on the bottom and Zot the sides of the pocket together.
  2. Cut a 3 1/2"x7 1/2" dotted stripe Grapefruit paper and mat on dark pink Grapefruit paper with 1/8" borders. Stamp "Party Hearty!" in dark pink ink and then in black ink 3/8" from the right and 1/2" from the top.
  3. Zot a Stix 1/2" from the left edge. Foam tape the panel to the center of the card front.
  4. Stamp Doll #5 on white cardstock and cut out. Color with Gelatos by smudging some on scratch paper and using a water brush to mix and apply the colors. Color the doll's skin with Guava, her hair with Banana and her crown with Gold. Place a small Pink Jewel Dazzles on the center peak of her crown. Color her shoes and bow with a mix of Blood Orange and Banana. Color her shoes with a coat of gold once they have dried. Color the main part of her dress with Bubble Gum. Color the bottom layer of her dress with a mix of Bubble Gum, Blood Orange and Gold.
  5. Foam the tape doll to the card so she is leaning against the Stix. Place medium Pink Jewel Dazzles in all four corners of the dotted stripe paper.
  6. Back of Card: Cut a 3 1/2"x4 1/2" Grapefruit pink dotted paper, tuck in the pocket and glue to the center 1/4" from the top edge. Stix one: Cut the Stix 5 1/2" long at an angle. Cut five 1/4" lengths from the excess at an angle. Trace the Circle Label on Grapefruit multi paper and cut out. Zot the five 1/4" pieces of Stix to the center of label to create a flower as shown. Flatten the end of the Stix and Zot the circle to it. Place a small Pink Jewel Dazzles in the center of the flower. Stix 2: Cut your Stix to 7" long and place small Pink Jewel Dazzles in the center of each flower on the Stix. Trace Oval Sign Label on white cardstock and cut out. Stamp "Make A Wish!" in dark pink ink and then in Black ink on the center of the label. Trace Oval Sign label on the back of dark pink Grapefruit paper and cut out leaving1/16" border. Foam tape white label to the center of the pink label and Zot to the top of the Stix. Place Pink Jewel Dazzles on either side of the greeting. Stix 3: Cut your Stix to 6" long. Cut a 2" square of orange Grapefruit paper and round the edges. Cut the paper into a spiral leaving a large base. Roll up, starting with the outside edge and Zot to the base after allowing it to loosen a little. Flatten the end of your Stix and Zot the flower to the Stix. Place the Stix "flowers" in the pocket and deliver!