Never Stop Dreaming

Susan Cobb

Never Stop Dreaming
Designer: Susan Cobb

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Instructions: Mat a sheet of Magic Kingdom zig zag paper on black cardstock with 1/16" borders and glue to a sheet of yellow cardstock, centered 3/4" from the top. Add Red Jewel Border Dazzles along the edges of the mat, at the top and sides only. Add Red Jewel Border Dazzles along the top and bottom edges of the yellow cardstock. Mat the photo on black, then yellow cardstock with 1/16" borders on each. Mat again on Magic Kingdom red textured paper with 1/8" borders. Mat once more on black with thin borders. Glue the matted photo angled on the left side of the zig zag background paper. Mat "Never stop dreaming" label die-cut on black and foam tape overlapping the right side of the photo and background paper. Mat the red mouse ears die-cut on black with 1/16" borders. Write or computer print name centered on the mouse ears, then foam tape overlapping the left side of the photo. Write or computer print journaling centered on the Magic Kingdom red textured paper between the white gloves die-cut. Foam tape centered overlapping the bottom of the photo and zig zag paper. Tie a red bow and Zot as shown. Decorate die-cuts with Dazzles "innies".