Happy thoughts

Susan Cobb

Happy thoughts
By Susan Cobb

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Designer Tip: When using watercolor pencils with stamped images, for best results use St?zOn® ink-it won't run.



  1. Card front: Place your card with the fold on the left. Cover the card front with Simply Susan aqua textured paper. Trim the edge of a zig zag striped paper along the zig zag design. Cover the bottom 3" of the card front with the paper as shown.
  2. Stamp the large blossom with leaves and swirls image with Black ink, over the aqua portion of the card front--near the left side, 3/4" from the top. Stamp "Happy" and "thoughts to the upper right portion of the card front, staggered as shown. Stamp the butterfly with swirls image on the right side of the card, between the words and large blossom and swirls.
  3. Stamp the large blossom with leaves and swirls, butterfly with swirls, and "Happy" with flower onto white cardstock. Color in the large flower blossom with #136 and #156 pencils as shown, using the wet paintbrush to smooth the color for a watercolor effect. Color in the large leaves with #168 pencil, and the small overlapping leaf with the #156 pencil. Use the wet paintbrush to smooth the color. Color in the butterfly with all 3 colors, and use #136 and #156 for the small flower on "Happy".
  4. Cut out the colored images and glue them over their matching images on the card front. Add Black Thin Lines Dazzles at the edges of the card, trimming excess evenly. Use 3/4" wide purple crepe ribbon to tie a bow and dovetail the ends. Zot to the striped paper as shown.