Beautiful Day

Beautiful Day
By Brenda Kaufmann

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Designer Tip: To add 3-D element to Dazzles, back with paper and stack with foam tape. Other Dazzles can be added underneath foam taped Dazzles, directly to the card surface.



  1. Card front: Place the card fold on the left and cover with White Truffle black houndstooth paper. Glue 4 3/8"x 5 7/8" White Truffle ivory flourish paper to the card center.
  2. Mat 5/8"x6 1/2" lace, cut from White Truffle black lace border, with White Truffle striped paper, leaving a 1/8" border. Glue down the card, 1" from the left. Place Dazzles borders on each side of the border. Glue a 6 1/2" length of 1/4" wide black metallic ribbon down the center of the border.
  3. Back a flower corner Dazzles with White Truffle ivory houndstooth paper and cut around the Dazzles edges. Foam tape to the border 1" from the bottom. Add swirls and flowers directly to the card surface, extending from under the foam taped flower.
  4. Place a Dazzles greeting to the right side of the card. Add butterflies and flowers among the words.