Purple Birthday Lace Card

Gail Booth

Purple Birthday Lace Card
By Gail Booth

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Designer Tip: Use the Dazzles "innies" dots to embellish the card topper scrollwork.



  1. Cut the oval lace Card Topper to 4 7/8"x6 3/8". Place on your cutting mat and use the knife to cut out the center oval.
  2. Use chalks to color the scalloped oval frame and corners with dark purple, the open areas with lavender and the pink scrollwork areas with pink.
  3. Card front: Place your card with the fold on the left and cover with Violet Suede. Glue your card topper in the center.
  4. Cut out the "Happy Birthday" label and color with purple and pink chalks, as shown. Punch a hole in each end and thread a 4" length of ribbon through each hole. Foam tape the label over the oval cutout and glue the ribbon ends under the card topper edges, as shown.
  5. Cut out two small and one large button artwork pieces and color with purple and pink, as shown. Place small button Dazzles in the center and foam tape to your card, as shown. Place small Dazzles "innies" on the label scrollwork, and around the frame scrollwork.