Christmas Storybook

Gail Booth

Christmas Storybook
By Gail Booth

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Designer Tip: Save the large die-cut and chip board pop out pieces for other projects, like labels or nameplates.



  1. Pop out the cut out shapes from each chipboard page and ink all the edges. Pop out the die-cuts from each die-cut sheet and remove paper nibs with your fingernail.
  2. Follow the included instruction sheet to construct each page of your storybook, in the order given. Use glue to attach the cover pages to the chipboard, the window sheets behind the cut out windows, and the front and back pages to each other. Use foam tape to place the foil-edged die-cuts as shown.
  3. Place Jewel Border Dazzles as shown on the cover page.
  4. Stack the pages together in the correct order. Cut five 10" lengths of the red satin ribbon and thread each through the holes on the left. Tie each ribbon into a bow and trim the ends.
  5. Cut the remaining ribbon into two equal lengths. Tuck one ribbon end between the front page and its backing page, gluing in place. Attach the other ribbon onto the last page, in the same way. Tie together in a bow.