Snowman HoneyPOP Card

Gail Booth

Snowman HoneyPOP Card
By Gail Booth

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Designer Tip: Use your Spectrum Noir pen set to "ink" your stamp and create a multi-colored tree line.



  1. Card front: Place your card with the fold on the left. Cover with Gypsy Jewels green stripe paper.
  2. Cut a 5"x3" silky paper and tear 1/2" off of the top and bottom edges. Swipe a Spectrum Noir pen LG5 over the small tree stamp and use to stamp a row of six trees across the silky paper strip. Re-ink the stamp for each image.
  3. Stamp six trees in black on scrap paper and cut out the scrap paper trees. Lay the tree cutout "masks" on top of the trees on the silky paper strip. Ink the small tree stamp with pen CG3 and stamp a row of trees between the masked trees. Use pen LG5 to draw squiggle lines above and below the tree line. Glue to your card, as shown.
  4. Stamp the snowman with lights in black on a 3"x2 1/4" silky paper with torn edges. Color in the image with the following colors: CG3 & PP6 for scarf, IB3 for buttons, GB6 for nose and twig, IB3/DR2/GB3 for lights.
  5. Tear a 3 3/4"x3" Gypsy Jewels green ombre paper, use pen LG5 to draw squiggle lines around the edges and foam tape as shown. Zot a length of ribbon across the center, tucking ends under the paper and Zot a knot of ribbon on the left. Foam tape the snowman as shown.
  6. Stamp "Have a bright..." in black on a 2 1/4"x1" silky paper with torn edges. Mat on a Gypsy Jewels green stripe paper with a 1/8" border and foam tape as shown.
  7. Card inside: Open your card and place with the fold vertical. Cut a 6"x1 1/4" silky paper and tear 1/2" off of the top edge. Glue 1/2" from the bottom edge. Stamp the tree trunk in black on the fold of your card, just above the paper strip.
  8. Stamp the snowman, penguin, bird and star in black on the left, as shown. Stamp "...trimmed with joy & love!" in black on the right, as shown.
  9. Use the pens to color in the snowman the same as for your card front. Color in the other images with the following colors: PP6 for bird hat and penguin hat and penguin shirt, CG3 & IB3 for bird and penguin scarf and buttons, GB6 for beaks and feet and star, GB7 for the tree trunk.
  10. Stamp the large tree image in black on the honeycomb pad, making sure the stamp arrow aligns with the paper lines. Cut out the honeycomb piece and glue each side onto your card, with the flat edge on the fold line and the bottom of the paper resting at the top of the tree trunk. Zot on buttons as shown.