Gold Leaves Card

Gail Booth

Gold Leaves Card
By Gail Booth

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Designer Tip: Cut out small pieces of cardstock before using the stencil so that you can do each chosen leaf separately.



  1. Card front: Place your card with the fold on the left. Cover with Stolen Moments brown stripe paper. Ink the edges of a 4 1/2"x6" Stolen Moments large yellow flourish paper and glue as shown.
  2. As you use your template, mask off areas around your chosen leaf with sticky notes, if necessary. Place the template with your chosen leaf over clove cardstock, hold the template in place and use the squeegee to apply a thin layer of paste over a leaf cut out. Carefully remove the template. Repeat the process on pieces of cardstock to create six paste embossed leaves, as shown. Let dry, then cut out each leaf, staying close to the embossing.
  3. Stamp "Sending Happy Thoughts" on a 4 1/2"x1 1/8" Stolen Moments tiny yellow flourish paper and cut the end in a "v", as shown. Ink the edges, mat on Stolen Moments teal/brown medallion paper with a 1/8" border, ink the edges and glue on center at the left side (foam tape the center of the banner and curl up the ends for a 3-D look).
  4. Foam tape the leaves in place as shown. Place small brown Jewel Dazzles on corners, banner, and as a leaf "trail" as shown. Zot on a small bow as shown.