"Smile" mixed media album

Susan Cobb

"Smile" mixed media album
By Susan Cobb

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Designer Tip: The clear embossed images on the cover of this album provide a resist when the Distress Paints are added. Use a water mister to move and mix colors for a beautiful look. These paints are reactive while wet, meaning you can mist them, let them run together, blot them, etc. and can be changed until they dry. You can start with one layer of paint, let it dry, then add more paint to overlap some areas for a more interesting look.



  1. Stamp "Do something every day that makes you SMILE" centered on a blank album page (for the cover) with VersaMark ink, then sprinkle with clear embossing powder. Heat to emboss. Stamp a variety of arrow images around the words in the same manner, leaving space for the chipboard scrolls to frame the words. Heat the arrow images to emboss.
  2. Place the album cover on the center of your clean craft sheet. Shake the Distress paints well, then apply dabs of each of the 4 colors of paint randomly over the album cover. Mist over the paint with water (several sprays) and allow the paint to move. Tilt the piece to help the paint move as desired. Blot over the stamped/embossed areas so the images will show through. Let dry. Wipe off any paint from your craft sheet.
  3. Lightly dab on more paint for a pretty layered effect, smudging with your finger or paper towel, or simply leave the "dabbed" texture for added interest. Let dry, or mist again, let dry, and add more layers until you achieve the desired effect.
  4. Place an edge of the Mini Mod Spirals stencil overlapping the bottom edge of the album. Tape the bottom portion of the stencil to your work surface. Apply White Embossing Paste over the stencil with the squeegee, staying within the outer edges of the stencil. Pull the squeegee across the surface of the stencil leaving a smooth layer of embossing paste. Repeat for the remaining edges of the square album cover. Let dry. (Tip-be sure to wash off your stencil with soap and water immediately after using it with the Embossing Paste)
  5. Lightly dab more Distress Paint overlapping a few areas of the dry Embossing Paste. Let dry.
  6. Ink the chipboard scrolls and a 3 1/2" chipboard feather with VersaMark and sprinkle with clear embossing powder. Tap off the excess and heat to melt. Apply VersaMark once more to each piece and sprinkle with purple glitter. Tap off the excess and heat to embed the glitter into the embossed pieces. For best results, let cool completely before handling.
  7. Glue the glittered chipboard scrolls as a frame around the stamped words at the center. Embellish the stamped/embossed images and the stenciled areas with Purple Jewel Dazzles. Write or computer print "photos" on white cardstock and trim into a small tag shape. Mat on purple cardstock with thin borders. Glue angled to the lower right portion of the album cover. Tie a metallic teal bow and Zot near the tag.
  8. Inside page: Place the stencil centered on a blank album page. Hold the stencil in place while you ink over the entire page with VersaMark. Sprinkle with clear embossing powder, tap off the excess and heat to melt. Apply Distress Paints using the method in step #2 for the album cover, blotting the excess from the embossed areas with a paper towel. Lightly dab on more paint in areas as desired. Set aside to dry.
  9. Trim a white tag to 5 1/4" long. Apply dabs of each of the 4 colors of Distress Paint to the center of your clean craft sheet. Mist with 4-5 sprays of water and let the colors mix for a few seconds. Take the tag and place it face down on the misted paint, pulling toward you so the paint spreads across the tag. Repeat for any areas not covered. Place on a paper towel. Take the paint brush and place the handle end on a lighter area of the tag to hold it in place for a few minutes so it doesn't curl, then allow to dry.
  10. Add more paint to your clean craft sheet in colors as desired. Mist with 1-2 sprays of water. Take the dry tag and place it on the misted paint in areas you wish to add color. Mist the tag if needed to spread the paint. Let dry.
  11. Wrap the bottom of the tag twice with metallic teal ribbon, gluing ends at the back to secure. Glue the tag to the left side of the page, 1/4" from the bottom. Mat photos on purple cardstock with thin borders. Glue to the tag and page as shown. Write or computer print names on white cardstock and trim into a tag shape. Mat on purple cardstock with thin borders. Glue angled on the right side of the tag as shown. Zot the glittered chipboard feather to the lower portion of the tag. Tie a green/dotted sheer ribbon bow and Zot near the top of the tag. Add Purple Jewel Dazzles as desired.
  12. Add more completed pages and back cover as desired. Bind the pages and covers together with rings and tie with ribbons.