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Friend to Friend

Susan Cobb

Friend to Friend
By Susan Cobb

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Designer Tip: I love this warm and pretty color combination! Layer the inks to achieve a variety of beautiful colors on your card. Leave the wide border on the label white for perfect contrast.



  1. 1) Card front: Place your card with the fold at the top. Cover the card with Color Me Ebony Flowers and Lace paper. Use the stylus and blender tips to apply a very light coat of Yellow Cadmium ink over the entire card. With a clean blender tip, apply Dark Peony ink over some areas of the flowers and "lace". Use a clean blender tip to apply Aquamarine ink to some areas of the leaves and to some of the "lace" as shown. Wipe off excess with a paper towel. Now go back and layer more color to some areas as desired. Wipe off the excess ink with the paper towel.
  2. 2) Cut out the large label from the Color Me Ebony Labels and Borders sheet leaving a 1/16" white border at the edges. Color the center with Yellow Cadmium ink, then add Dark Peony to the narrow border, overlapping some of the Yellow Cadmium ink. Ink the 1/16" outer white border with Aquamarine ink. Wipe off the excess. Stamp "Friend to FRIEND" on the label with Black ink as shown.
  3. 3) Cut out the single flower with leaves and color it with the inks as for the paper. Wipe off the excess ink. Foam tape the label centered on the card. Foam tape the flower with leaves overlapping the label as shown. Zot a black crepe knotted ribbon on the edge of the label.
  4. 4) Card inside: Cut a 3 1/4"x5" Ebony Flowers and Lace paper and color it with the inks as you did for the front. Glue it to the left side of the inside. Cut out the small oval label with scalloped black border and ink the oval with Yellow Cadmium ink. Ink the flower and leaves as you did for the paper. Wipe off the excess. Stamp "Heart to HEART" on the right side of the label. Glue centered to the right side of the inside. Zot knotted black ribbon on the paper as shown.