Happy thoughts

Susan Cobb

Happy thoughts
By Susan Cobb

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Designer Tip: Stamp these images with Surfacez ink, then let the ink dry and paint in the color with watercolor pencils and a wet paintbrush. The Surfacez ink stays put, and will not bleed into the watercolor.



  1. Card front: Trim 2 1/2" from the right side of the card front only and place with the fold at the left. Cover the remaining card front with aqua floral textured paper. stamp the looped border image with Black ink, along the top and bottom edges of the paper. Glue a 3/4"x6 1/2" black/white dotted strip even with the right side of the card front.
  2. Stamp "Happy" centered on the aqua floral textured paper, 3/4" from the top. Stamp "thoughts" below it. Stamp a butterfly with swirls image angled near the bottom of the aqua floral textured paper.
  3. To color in the blossoms and butterflies, layer 2 colors together by applying the wet brush to one pencil point and painting the image, then repeat for the second color over the first. Use #141 and #136 for the purple areas, #162 and #156 for the aqua areas, and #168 for the green leaves. Let dry. Foam tape the images to the card front, allowing the large blossom/leaves/swirls image to overlap the right edge.
  4. Inside: Cover the inside with purple swirl paper. Stamp a looped border along the right side. Glue a 5"x3/4" black/white dotted strip across the inside, 2 1/4" from the bottom.
  5. Stamp "Do something every day..." on the left side of the paper, 3/4" from the top. Stamp a butterfly/swirls and a small butterfly on the right side of the paper, angled as shown. Stamp the two butterfly images, the single blossom, and the sentiment on white cardstock. Cut out the butterflies and the "M" and "L" letters from the sentiment on the lines. Cut out the blossom leaving a thin white border. Use the watercolor pencils and wet brush to color in the images. Glue or foam tape the images as shown. Use 1/4" wide aqua sheer ribbon to tie a bow. Zot the bow on the black/white dotted strip as shown.