Our Engagement

Susan Cobb

Our Engagement
By Susan Cobb

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Designer Tip: Build up bright color on the large butterflies with thin layers of ink, then blend soft color into the background so the large butterflies really show well. Layer the Blue Lagoon and Dark Peony over each other to create a beautiful purple color.



  1. 1) Use the Color Me Ebony Butterflies paper for the background. Use the stylus and blender tip to apply Blue Lagoon ink one third of the larger butterflies on the background paper. With a clean blender tip, add Aquamarine ink across the center of the wings of the butterflies. Now use a clean blender tip to add Dark Peony ink to the ends of the wings. Add a little more Blue Lagoon to blend the colors.
  2. 2) For the second third of large butterflies, add Blue Lagoon first, then add Dark Peony across the center of the wings, and Aquamarine to the ends. For the remaining large butterflies, add Blue Lagoon and Dark Peony, varying the layers for different shades of purple and blue. Wipe off excess ink with the paper towel.
  3. 3) Lightly apply Aquamarine ink to the background around the purple areas of the butterflies. Lightly add Blue Lagoon ink to remaining areas. Blend the two colors as desired. Wipe off excess.
  4. 4) Mat the 4"x6" photo on black cardstock with 1/8" borders and glue to the upper right side of the page. Cut out the border, "MEMORIES", and large oval label from the Color Me Labels and Borders sheet, leaving a 1/16" white border around each piece. Lightly color the center of the oval label with Blue Lagoon ink, then add Aquamarine to the narrow border. Wipe off excess. Write or computer print words and names on the center. Glue on the upper left side of the page. Write or computer print journaling on white cardstock and trim to a rectangle. Mat on black with 1/8" borders. Place on the left side of the page. Place the page on your cutting mat. Use your knife to cut around the bottom portion of the wings of a butterfly on the background and lift the cut area and overlap the upper right corner of the journaling. Glue the journaling in place. Glue the cut area of the wings over the journaling.
  5. 5) Color the bottom portion of the border with Blue Lagoon and Dark Peony inks. Glue even with the bottom edge of the page. Color the center of the "MEMORIES" banner with Blue Lagoon ink and foam tape below the photo. Cut out two single butterflies and foam tape on the edge of the photo and the label as shown. Tie a purple crepe bow and Zot on "MEMORIES" as shown.