Susan Cobb

By Susan Cobb

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Designer Tip: I painted the solid chipboard butterflies, embossed with clear embossing powder over the paint, then added crystal micro glitter for a sparkly finish! The paint shows through with flecks of different colors. Painted open butterflies on top let the glitter show through. I layered Chipped Sapphire and Seedless Preserves Distress Paints together while wet to achieve a pretty purple color. Simply wipe the dabbers on a paper towel to clean them. I masked areas of the Hexagons stencil to achieve a more "random" look with the embossing paste.



  1. Use the purple dots paper for your background. Take the Picket Fence Distress Paint and shake it well. Press the dabber end against a piece of scrap paper to get the flow of paint started. Now scrub the paint over the center of the paper, extending to 1" from the left side, 1 1/2" from the right side, and 1 1/2"-2" from the top left and bottom right. Keep the edges uneven and random. Let the paint dry. Add another coat of paint if you would like more coverage.
  2. Cut a 12"x3" green/black hounds tooth paper. Cut a 12"x1 1/2" purple/white/black floral paper. Mat the top edge with green textured paper with a 1/4" border. Mat the bottom edge with black/white dots paper with a 1/4" border. Glue on the green/black hounds tooth paper, 3/4" from the top. Glue across the background paper over the center of the painted area, 5" from the bottom.
  3. Mat a 5 1/2"x3 5/8" photo on black, then white cardstock with 1/16" borders on each. Mat a 3 5/8" square photo on black cardstock, then green textured paper with 1/16" borders on each. Ink the edges black.
  4. Die-cut 2 large lacy frames and 1 medium lacy frame from black cardstock. Die-cut 1 large and 1 medium solid label each from green textured paper. Turn 1 large black frame vertically and glue to the page, 1/8" from the left side and 1 1/2" from the top so it overlaps the painted background and the layered paper. Glue the square photo overlapping the right half of the frame as shown.
  5. Place the second large frame horizontally and glue it overlapping the right side of the paper and painted background, 3" from the top and 1/2" from the right side. Glue white/black stitched grosgrain ribbon across the large green textured label, 5/8" from the top, trimming edges evenly. Glue the label inside the black frame. Glue the horizontal photo even with the right side and 3 1/2" from the bottom so it overlaps the die-cut label/frame, layered papers, and painted background.
  6. Write or computer print title centered on the medium sized green textured label then glue to the page below the photo on the right side as shown. Glue the medium black frame in place around the label. Write or computer print names on green textured paper. Trim to a 5"x3/4" rectangle and cut the ends in a "V". Ink the edges and glue above the top photo on the left.
  7. Stamp a straight arrow image with Black ink, positioned to the left of the bottom photo, angled toward the photo as shown. Stamp a curved arrow image on the page, 1/4" from the right and 1 3/4" from the top. Stamp a variety of arrow images (I used four) on green textured paper and cut them out. Glue or foam tape to the page near the photos as shown.
  8. Place the Hexagons stencil overlapping the lower left corner of the page. Mask off some of the hexagon openings entirely or partially with stencil tape for a random look, then tape the edges to hold in place. Apply black embossing paste with the squeegee then pull it across the stencil to cover it smoothly. Carefully lift the stencil and wash it with soap and water immediately. Repeat for the upper right corner of the page and let dry. Dab Picket Fence paint randomly on the stenciled design and top and bottom edges of the paper as shown. Lightly dab Peeled Paint Distress Paint on some of the stenciled design.
  9. Paint 2 solid butterflies and 1 open butterfly with Peeled Paint Distress Paint. Let dry. Paint 1 solid butterfly with Chipped Sapphire paint, then while still wet, dab on Seedless Preserves paint right over the Chipped Sapphire. Now add more Chipped Sapphire over the Seedless Preserves. You will now have a pretty purple color. Repeat for 2 open butterflies. Let the pieces dry. Wipe off the dabbers with a paper towel.
  10. Ink the solid painted butterflies with VersaMark ink and sprinkle with clear embossing powder. Tap off the excess and heat to melt. Apply VersaMark to each piece again, then sprinkle with crystal micro glitter. Tap off the excess and heat to set the glitter into the embossed chipboard (Don't overheat the glitter. Let cool completely before handling so the glitter bonds to the embossed surface). Glue the purple open butterflies on the glittered green solid butterflies. Glue the green open butterfly on the glittered purple solid butterfly. Zot to the page as shown.
  11. Zot black vine ribbon below the bottom edge of the layered paper on the left side of the page as shown. Add purple crystals to flower centers and Zot the flowers near the photos, overlapping as shown. Use 3/4" wide celery ribbon to tie a bow. Trim the ends in a "V" and Zot near the title. Cut out small flowers from the purple/white/black floral paper and layer together with foam tape. Foam tape centered on the white/black stitched ribbon on the large green label.