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Wreath Easel cd

LeNae Gerig

Wreath Easel cd
By LeNae Gerig

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Designer's Tip: Place a large flower at the bottom of the wreath and tuck that under the foam taped greeting in order to stand the easel card up right.



  1. Select the Festive Wreath Plum Elements sheet from the card kit. Foam tape the die-cut bow at the top of the wreath and foam tape the die-cut flowers around the wreath, adding leaves as shown.
  2. Using Wreath Cards 3 & 4 die-cut sheet, punch out the lavender dot easel card. Place the easel card vertically with scalloped edges at the bottom. Fold the card in half and then the top curved piece back.
  3. Glue the die cut rose border across the card, 1" from the scalloped edge. Foam tape the die-cut "Merry Christmas" circle to the center of the border. Fold a 3" white ribbon length (included in kit) in half and Zot( the fold under the greeting.
  4. Glue back of the assembled wreath to the folded back curved portion of the easel card. Stand the card by placing the bottom of the wreath behind the greeting. Fold the card flat for mailing.