Paper Wishes 2013 Fall Wreath Ball Ornament

LeNae Gerig

Paper Wishes 2013 Fall Wreath Ball Ornament
By LeNae Gerig

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Designer's Tip: Use fingertips to burnish the glitter into the Double-Stick Dazzles and tap off excess before adding the next double-stick piece to the cardstock. Repeat for adding second color of glitter.



  1. 1) Place the Double-Stick Christmas Wreath Dazzles on white cardstock and cover with Grass glitter. Tap off excess and place the bow, ribbon and berry Double-Stick Dazzles. Cover with red glitter and tap off excess. Cut around the wreath, leaving 1/16" border. Repeat for the backside, aligning the stickers with the white cardstock cut-out. Place the Gold Tiny Words & Phrases Dazzles "Wish" sticker at the center of the wreath front.
  2. 2) Lift up the edge of the double-stick sticker at the top of one side of the wreath and place a 3/4" square of acetate. Fold the top of the acetate back by 1/4" and Zot( the fold to the inside top of one half of the clear ball. Close the ball with the wreath centered inside.
  3. 3) Place lengths of Red Jewel Border Dazzles around the clear ball seam. Group three sets of dark/light green tiny Holly Dazzles around the top of side of the ball. Place a medium Red Jewel Dazzles over the left ends. Place individual tiny holly leaves around the edges of each side of ball. Place 3 tiny Red Jewel Dazzles among leaves.
  4. 4) Thread a 5" length of red Memory Thread through the ball loop and twist ends to secure hanger. Thread six 5"-6" lengths of red and three 4"-5" of gold Memory Thread though the loop and coil each end around a round toothpick. Pull out coil to expand. Place 2 medium Holly Dazzles back to back and Zot( 3 of them to the coils.