Butterfly Kisses

Susan Cobb

Butterfly Kisses
By Susan Cobb

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Designer Tip: Glimmer Mist and Smooch inks create adorable and colorful bugs to decorate this upbeat birthday card. Embellish the bugs with Black Jewel Dazzles for even more fun!



  1. 1) Card front: Place your card with the fold at the top. Cover the card front with pink/lime/teal/yellow striped paper trimming edges evenly with the card. Position the card shape template from the Design Tool Kit with the straight edge even with the top. Trace around the outside edges of the template. While still holding the template in place, also trace the Exquisite Label shape at the left side of the template.
  2. 2) Open the card out flat onto your cutting mat, face up. Use your knife to cut out the label shape on the pencil lines to create a window in the card front. Close the card and trim around the edges on your pencil lines through both card layers. Ink the cut edges black and let dry.
  3. 3) Cut the white cardstock into 3 sections. Mist each piece of cardstock with a different color of Glimmer Mist, leaving some areas light and some heavy. Let dry.
  4. 4) Stamp the butterfly image onto the cardstock misted with Party Pink ink with Black ink. Stamp the caterpillar image onto the cardstock misted with True Turquoise ink. Stamp the dragonfly image on the cardstock misted with Key Lime Pie ink. Paint in the body and inner shapes of the butterfly wings with Lettuce Smooch. Paint alternate sections of the caterpillar body with Pool Smooch. Paint alternate stripes on the dragonfly body with Taffy Pink Smooch. Let the Smooch dry, adding a second layer if needed for coverage. Let dry completely. Cut out the shapes except for the antennae and legs. Zots a Tin Pin over the head of each bug cut-out.
  5. 5) Stamp the butterfly image on yellow textured paper with Black ink and let dry. Place the Exquisite Label template over the yellow textured paper with the butterfly image centered inside. Trace the shape around the butterfly with the pencil. Cut around the outside edges of the pencil lines, then erase remaining lines. Mat on Onyx Glimmer paper with 1/16" borders.
  6. 6) Stamp the dragonfly image angled on the upper right portion of the card front near the window with Black ink. Stamp the caterpillar image near the bottom right portion of the card front with Black ink. Stamp "Sending You butterfly..." between the dragonfly and caterpillar. Let dry.
  7. 7) Glue the bug cut-outs with Tin Pins over their respective images on the card front and yellow label. Decorate with Black Jewel Dazzles. Use a 10" length of 1/4" wide lime/white gingham ribbon to tie a bow. Zots the bow near the upper left corner of the card front.
  8. 8) Inside: Cover the inside with lime/blue textured paper, trimming edges evenly with the shape of the card. Cut a 6 1/2"x3/4" pink/lime/teal/yellow striped paper and ink the edges black. Glue across the inside, 1 3/4" from the bottom center point. Trim edges evenly. Stamp "inching along to..." on the lower right portion of the inside, below the striped paper.
  9. 9) Position the yellow textured label with butterfly centered over the striped paper. Close the card and adjust the label so it is centered inside the window opening, through the front of the card. Glue in place. Zots knotted ribbon to the right side of the striped paper, just above the words.