You Are Amazing

LeNae Gerig

You Are Amazing
By LeNae Gerig

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Designer's Tip: Mix the bottles before each use as the metallic contents will settle to the bottom very quickly.



  1. Card front: Die Cut the large frame from Silky paper and cut the white cardstock to 4 3/4"x6". Follow steps 1-4 from the Naturally Aged Precious Stone instruction sheet to paint both the frame and rectangle and use a hair dryer to quicken the drying process of the pooled paints.
  2. Place the card fold on the side. Cover the card with black cardstock. Stamp black swirl at each corner of the Precious Stone rectangle and glue to the card front. Ink the torn edges of 5"x2 3/4" striped paper and glue across the card center. Ink edges of 3 1/2"x5" of blue houndstooth paper and glue to the card center, at a right angle.
  3. Mat the Precious Stone frame with black cardstock, leaving a 1/16" border and use the X-acto® knife and ruler to cut away the inner frame. Glue to the card front at a left angle. Stamp the greeting at the bottom right corner of the frame, on the houndstooth paper.
  4. Stamp the large flower onto red swirl paper 4 times. Stamp large leaves onto green paper 4 times. Cut out pieces. Glue 1 red flower to the center of the frame. Wrinkle the remaining 3 flower, turning up edges and Zot( and foam tape at the left corner of the frame. Wrinkle and curve leaves and glue to extend from under the flower as shown. Place gold glitter glue at the flower centers and let dry. Hold two 2 1/2" lengths of 1/4" wide black gingham ribbon and tie at center with a 4" length. Zot( under the bottom rose. Mist the entire card with Turquoise Blue and let dry.
  5. Inside: Cover the card inside back with houndstooth paper with border at the bottom. Stamp swirls around the top and right edge. Print a 3 1/4" long tan tag and glue to the left side of the card. Stamp greeting extending off the right edge. Zot( a knotted length of 3/4" wide red ribbon to the top.