Printer’s Tray Album

Gail Booth

Printer’s Tray Album
By Gail Booth

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Designer Tip: Use the album cover as your guide when placing the backing paper pieces, to align them in the windows.



  1. Place your Printer’s Tray album cover on the craft sheet and spray with Crushed Grape Dylusions. Let dry. Spray the corners and right side of a 7 1/4”x11 1/4” white cardstock with Fresh Lime Dylusions. Let dry. Spray the left side with Cut Grass and lightly spray the center area of the right edge with Crushed Grape. Let dry. Spray a small scrap of cardstock with the three colors, let dry and set aside.
  2. Pop out the following Printer’s Tray Chipboard pieces and spray with Crushed Grape Dylusions: dressform, three buttons, watch. Spray these pieces with Fresh Lime: wings, two buttons, “create”, two small windows. Spray these pieces with Cut Grass: three buttons, key, lock, watch hands, “inspire”, large window. Let dry.
  3. Cover the following chipboard pieces with 3D Crystal Lacquer: dressform, four buttons, key, lock, “inspire”, “create”, watch edges, watch hands. Let dry. Paint the watch numbers with Smooch™ and let dry.
  4. Place the album cover over the sprayed cardstock and use a pencil to trace lightly around the windows. Cut Chalkboard black/green chalkboard paper to fit the two areas shown (large area on the left, and small area on upper right corner). Glue the pieces onto the sprayed cardstock, using the album cover to check that the pieces are glued in the right place. Cut out and glue the “Keep CALM & SMILE ON” saying from the Chalkboard sayings paper onto the upper area of the cardstock shown. Cut out and glue the “THANKFUL…” saying from the Chalkboard sayings paper onto the lower right area of the cardstock shown.
  5. Use Mowed Lawn Distress ink to stamp the 4 1/2” long swirl stamp on the upper left corner, lower left corner and right side of your piece.
  6. Place the “BELIEVE something WONDERFUL…” Dazzles™ on the left chalkboard paper area. Place “THIS IS THE LIFE” Dazzles™ on the upper chalkboard paper area.
  7. Use Tacky Glue to glue your piece to the back of the album cover, lining up the prepared windows. Glue the first album page to the back, lining up the edges evenly. Let dry.
  8. Place the Dazzles™ words, corner brackets and scrolls in the windows, and on the album cover, as shown (some Dazzles™ words may need to be cut apart to fit). Place the dragonfly charm Dazzles™ in the windows shown. Use Tacky Glue to glue the chipboard windows in place, as shown.
  9. Place the following charm Dazzles™ on the saved sprayed cardstock: “IMAGINE”, “DREAM”, “SOAR” and trim next to the Dazzles™ edge. Attach the charms to their matching charm pieces. Back the following charms with their matching pieces: leaf, keys, lock, “JOY”.
  10. Place a star charm Dazzles™ on the watch center and glue the watch hands in place. Tie two lengths of twine and one length of white mesh ribbon on the watch top and glue the watch in the upper left window, as shown. Thread the “JOY”, key and lock charms onto the twine and Zot™ in place. Glue “inspire” in the window above the watch and a button on the frame above the watch.
  11. Glue the lock chipboard on the album tab. Thread the “IMAGINE” charm onto twine, tie around “create” and glue the word in the window on the left of the lock. Thread two buttons with twine and glue in place above and below “create”. Tie the “DREAM” and key charms to the key chipboard with mesh ribbon and glue in the window on the left of the buttons.
  12. Tie the “SOAR” and leaf charms to the dressform with mesh ribbon and glue over the wings onto the large chipboard window on the lower left corner. Thread a button with twine and glue three buttons in the window to the right of the large chipboard window.
  13. Stack the album pages under the cover and attach with the ring clips. Cut 4” lengths of the following ribbons: black crepe, white dotted sheer, black stitched, black glimmer. Tie the ribbons onto the ring clips.