Rhinestone Dragonfly Card

Gail Booth

Rhinestone Dragonfly Card
By Gail Booth

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Designer Tip: Place the rhinestone stickers on cardstock before tracing shapes, for easier tracing and cutting.



  1. Card front: Place a blank card with the fold on your left. Cover with Robin’s Red red tile paper. Mat a 4 5/8”x6 1/8” Robin’s Red gray flourish paper on white cardstock with a 1/16” border. Stamp “Let your dreams take flight”, 2” from the top edge, on the right side. Dust with embossing powder and set with the heat gun. Zot™ a length of red crepe 3/4” from the bottom edge and tie a bow on the left. Glue onto the center of your card. Cut a single strip of clear rhinestones, remove the backing and place on the top edge of the gray paper, trimming the ends even. Cut a small square of clear rhinestones and stick onto the bow.
  2. Peel the backing from a 5 1/2”x1 1/2” blue rhinestone piece and stick onto black cardstock. Turn the piece of rhinestones side down and place the large dragonfly template area over it. Trace the dragonfly wings only (not the body), remove the template and cut out the shape. Follow the same process with the large dragonfly body and black rhinestones, cutting out the dragonfly body only and Zot™ onto the wings. Trace and cut out a small set of dragonfly wings with clear rhinestones, remove the backing and stick onto the dragonfly. Repeat the process for one large red dragonfly, one medium red dragonfly and one small blue dragonfly (as shown).
  3. Zot™ the bodies of the dragonflies and use a double layer of foam tape on the wings to place on your card as shown. Let the body of the large blue dragonfly go past the bottom card edge, and the wings of the large red dragonfly go past the left card edge. Trim even with the edges.