Fairy Dust Doll Card

Gail Booth

Fairy Dust Doll Card
By Gail Booth

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Designer Tip: Mask off parts of the border stamps with transparent tape before stamping, so that only the words you want will show.



  1. Card preparation: Score a line 5” from the left edge of 10”x8” white cardstock and mountain fold on the scored line to create your card.
  2. Card front: Place your card with the fold on the left and cover with Chalkboard pink flourish paper.
  3. Use VersaMark™ to stamp the Doll on the right side of a 4 3/4”x7 3/4” Chalkboard black border paper (keeping the corner border artwork on the lower left corner), dust with white embossing powder and heat emboss with the heat gun. Stamp and emboss the “just a sprinkle of” portion of the border stamp at an angle on the upper left corner of your piece(mask of the rest of the stamp), then mask, stamp and emboss the “fairy dust” portion of the stamp below it in the same manner. Use the same method to stamp and emboss the “Poof!…” and vine border stamps along the bottom, as shown.
  4. Apply Gelatos directly to the stamped doll image in the following colors: lower part of the skirt/hairband/shoe roses with melon, upper part of the skirt/shoes with grape, the dress top with silver, the hair with gold. Use cotton swabs to spread the color out to the edges of the embossed image, and a clean swab to remove the color from the embossing lines. Use swabs to apply mint Gelatos around the vine stamped image. Apply melon and grape around the word stamped images. Glue the stamped piece on your card center.
  5. Zot™ a length of white mesh and pink sheer ribbon across the lower right corner of your card, tucking the ends under the paper edges. Zot™ lengths of the two ribbons across the upper left corner and along the top and left edges of the card, as shown. Zot™ Antique Rose Flowers on the upper left corner, as shown. Zot™ an Antique Gold Flower on the doll’s hair, as shown.