Love Can Fly Page

Gail Booth

Love Can Fly Page
By Gail Booth

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Designer Tip: Mix up some of the words to create your own message.



  1. Start with 12”x12” white cardstock as your background. Cut two 5 3/4”x5 3/4” Fancy Feathers green texture papers and two 5 3/4”x5 3/4” Fancy Feathers pink texture papers. Glue the green papers on opposite corners, as shown, with 1/8” outer borders. Glue the pink papers on the remaining corners, with 1/8” outer borders and 1/8” between papers. Place large feathers Dazzles™ on the right side and bottom edge of your page, as shown. Place border Dazzles™ on the upper left corner and small dot/scroll Dazzles™ on the opposite corners.
  2. Mat a 9 1/2”x9 1/2” Fancy Feathers border paper on white cardstock with a 1/16” border and the border art on the lower right corner. Zot™ on two lengths of dotted sheer on opposite corners, as shown, tucking the ends under the cardstock. Glue the piece on your page center.
  3. Mat a 4”x6” photo on Fancy Feathers green layered feathers paper with a 1/8” border, then on Fancy Feathers teal scuff paper with a 1/16” border and glue on your page center. Place feather Dazzles™ on the right of the photo, as shown. Place “you give my heart wings Dazzles™ on the left, and “Love can Fly” Dazzles™ above. Place tiny heart Dazzles™ on three corners of the matted paper.
  4. Pop out the Papier Tole pieces for the large feather and foam tape in numbered order. Foam tape on the bottom of the photo. Place two heart Dazzles™ on Fancy Feathers green texture paper and pink texture paper and trim next to the Dazzles™ edge. Foam tape in place. Lightly sand one metal Plume feather and one metal Mini Quill feather and Zot™ as shown. Zot™ a double bow of green dotted sheer and pink crepe over the metal feathers.