Day at home

LeNae Gerig

Day at home
By LeNae Gerig

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Designer’s Tip: The white Dazzles™ create a nice contrast with the Chalkboard papers and really draw attention to the photos and journaling!



  1. Glue 12”x4 3/4” Chalkboard black dots paper to 12” square black cardstock, 1/8” from the bottom. Glue 4 5/8”x 4 3/4” black text paper to the center as shown. Glue 5 3/4”x6 7/8” Chalkboard black tapestry paper to the right side of the cardstock, 1/8” from the top and right edge. Glue 5 7/8”x3 1/4” Chalkboard pink scuff paper to the top left corner, 1/8” from the edges. Place Chalkboard Dazzles™ border along the bottom edge of the pink scuff paper and also vertically 2 1/2” from the left edge. Place Dazzles™ border along the left edge of Chalkboard black tapestry paper and along the top edge of the Chalkboard black dots paper.
  2. Mat the top and bottom of two 3 1/2”x4” photos, with black cardstock, leaving 1/8” borders. Wrap the right side of one photo twice with black twine then anchor it with an Embellies brad as shown. Glue the photos to the left and right sides of the Chalkboard black dots paper. Place the Chalkboard Sayings Dazzles™ “Happy” banner on black cardstock and trim next to the Dazzles™ edge. Foam tape below the right photo as shown. Mat 3 1/2”x3 1/4” photo with black cardstock, leaving 1/8” border. Mat again with Chalkboard pink scuff paper, leaving 1/4” borders and ink the edges black. Glue to the center of the Chalkboard black text paper. Mat 3 1/8”x 3 1/2” photo with white cardstock, leaving 1/8” border and 1/4” border of black cardstock. Finally mat with Chalkboard pink scuff paper, leaving 1/8” border. Glue photo to the center of the Chalkboard black tapestry paper. Mat 1 3/4”x2 3/4” photo with white and black cardstocks, leaving 1/8” borders. Glue to the top left page corner.
  3. Place “Do Something Every Day…” Chalkboard Sayings Dazzles™ on the left side of the page as shown. Place Chalkboard Sayings corner Dazzles™ on the photo corners at the page bottom as shown.
  4. Place a 4 1/2" length of Chalkboard Sayings Dazzles™ border at the top right corner of the page, curving the center slightly as you place it to the page. Cut three 7/8”x 1 1/4” black dots triangles and two pink scuff triangles. Ink the edges and glue along the bottom edge of the Chalkboard Sayings Dazzles™ border.
  5. Die cut a medium Lacy Labels frame from black cardstock. Write or print on Chalkboard white dot paper and glue behind the medium black Lacy Labels frame, leaving a 1/16” border. Glue to the top of the page as shown. Place Dazzles™ flourishes above and below frame as shown.
  6. Use 3/4" wide black crepe ribbon to tie a bow, trimming the ends in a “V”. Zot™ to the page as shown. Write or computer print date on Embellies tag and add to the page with the brad. Add remaining Embellies as shown. Add Black Rhinestones.