Be My Sweetie Pie

Susan Cobb

Be My Sweetie Pie
By Susan Cobb

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Designer’s Tip: The Love and 5 Hearts Cutting Dies work perfectly with these Dazzles™! I layered the hearts together, and backed the Pink Tiny Flowers Dazzles™ on black cardstock and layered them in clusters on the hearts.



  1. Front: Trim your card to a 5” square and place with the fold on your left. Cover the card with green textured paper and ink the edges black. Cut a 4 1/2"x4 5/8” pink/blue/green/ivory floral paper and mat on black cardstock with 1/16” borders. Glue even with the right side of the card, centered at top and bottom.
  2. Use the largest heart cutting die (the one for matting) to cut a blue heart. Glue centered to the floral paper. Use the heart frame cutting die to cut 2 pink heart frames. Glue one frame centered on the blue heart on the card and save the remaining frame for the inside. Use the heart frame cutting die to cut 2 center hearts each from blue paper. Turn 1 heart over so the blue/green pattern is facing up. Foam tape it centered inside the pink heart frame on the card. Save the remaining blue heart for the inside.
  3. Place “Be My SWEETIE PIE” centered on the blue/green patterned heart. Layer flowers and leaves together on black cardstock, mixing the 2 colors of pink. Trim around the outside edges leaving a thin border. Add tiny black hearts, dots, and flowers from the Sweetie Pie Dazzles™ sheet, and tiny pink dots as shown. Layer the flowers in clusters overlapping the hearts die-cuts as shown. Place a small cupcake Dazzles™ on blue paper, trimming the Dazzles™ edges evenly. Add the cupcake to the flower cluster on the lower left. Glue pieces in place.
  4. Glue white iridescent lace on the green paper on the left side of the card. Tie a bow with white iridescent cording and Zot™ in place as shown. Add dots of Stickles inside “SWEETIE” and use your knife to spread it and fill in the letters. Repeat for the frosting on the small cupcake. Let dry.
  5. Inside: Glue the remaining pink heart frame die-cut centered on the card. Glue remaining blue heart die-cut centered inside the pink frame. Place the 1 5/8” black heart Dazzles™ onto blue/green patterned paper and trim the edges evenly. Stamp “Love you” centered on the heart with black ink. Glue centered on the blue heart. Layer Pink Tiny Flowers Dazzles™ together with leaves on black cardstock and trim the edges. Arrange the flowers overlapping the heart die-cuts as shown. Add hearts and dots as shown. Glue a 5”x1/2” green textured paper even with the bottom edge. Glue white iridescent lace even with the bottom of the green paper.