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Birthday Wishes

Susan Cobb

Birthday Wishes
By Susan Cobb

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Designer’s Tip: Layers of interesting shapes, textures, and colors create this pretty, mixed media style card. Distress Paint, sanding, and Perfect Pearls add visual texture, while embossing paste, foam tape, Embellies™, and layered template paper shapes add dimension as well as texture.



  1. Place your card with the fold on the left. Cover the card front with Chalkboard ivory/black dots paper. Sand the edges, then add a bit of Broken China Distress paint to the edges. Cut a 4 3/4"x6” Chalkboard words paper. Sand the edges to distress them. Randomly add Broken China Distress paint over the words, leaving some areas colored and some not. Let dry. Glue to the card, even with the fold and centered on remaining sides.
  2. Use the Die Cutting Machine and the large Oval Doily cutting die to cut a parchment oval doily. Glue to the card, 1” from the right side. Cut a 4 3/4"x1” Chalkboard pink/tan/aqua floral paper and sand the edges. Glue centered on the Oval Doily die-cut and even with the right side of the words paper.
  3. Place the Design Tool Kit Circle Frame template on pink scuffed paper, aligning the center points on the edge of the paper. Trace around the half shape on the paper, then cut it out. Add Broken China Distress paint to the edges and let dry.
  4. Place the Easy Stitches template on the straight side of the shape. Mask as needed with stencil tape leaving the “stitches” exposed that you wish to use. Spread embossing paste over the exposed stencil areas with the squeegee. Let dry. Use your finger to apply Perfect Pearls gold to the embossed areas, then randomly dab a small amount of Broken China paint as well. Add Embellies™ brads over broken areas of the embossed design. Foam tape the shape even with the left edge, centered at top and bottom.
  5. Use the 1C butterfly shape on the 15 Butterflies template to trace an ivory/black dots butterfly. Cut out and ink the edges black. Repeat for a 1D butterfly shape with green/aqua paper. Lightly fold the wings of each butterfly at the body. Foam tape the body of the green/aqua butterfly centered on the dotted butterfly. Add a small Embellies™ brad on the center. Foam tape the layered butterflies on the lower right edge of the pink scuffed Circle Frame shape.
  6. Dab Broken China Distress paint on the edges of the gray Embellies™ tag and let dry. Glue or foam tape Embellies™ to the card as shown. Write or computer print “Birthday Wishes” on white cardstock. Trim to a narrow rectangle and ink the edges black. Lightly add a bit of Broken China paint as shown. Let dry. Foam tape centered on the gray tag. Tie black twine in a bow and Zot™ on the end of the tag.
  7. Inside: Cut a 5”x1” pink/tan/aqua floral paper and sand the edges. Glue centered across the inside. Use the Design Tool Kit tag shape to trace a tag from pink scuffed paper, then cut it out. Add Broken China ink to the edges and let dry. Cut two 3” lengths of black twine and cross them near the top of the tag, anchoring with an Embellies™ brad. Secure the ends to the back of the tag with glue. Glue the tag overlapping the left side of the paper.
  8. Cut out “So many reasons to celebrate” from Chalkboard words paper. Randomly add Broken China Distress paint over some of the words. Let dry. Mat on ivory/black dots paper with 1/8” borders. Ink the edges black and glue overlapping the tag and paper as shown.