Butterfly Card Set

Lawrian Taylor

Butterfly Card Set
By Lawrian Taylor

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Designer’s Tip:



  1. Card A: (Blue Butterfly)
  2. • Place the card with the fold on the left. Cut the border strip in half and banner cut the ends. Glue to the card 1/8” from the top and left side of the card. Foam tape “Happy Birthday” die-cut in upper left corner as shown.
  3. Card B: (Beige/Gold Butterfly)
  4. • Using an X-acto® knife, trim around the upper wings of the lavender butterfly. Place a small piece of foam tape under the wings and glue them down over the white butterfly (already on card). Foam tape “Thank You”, 1/2” from the left side and 1 1/2” from the top.
  5. Case:
  6. • Fold inside and outside of the case on the score marks. Glue together. Remove triangle parts and punch out all the small holes. Fold on the score lines. Use Ultra Clear tape to glue one to each side of the inside cover as shown.