Happy Valentine’s Day

Lawrian Taylor

Happy Valentine’s Day
By Lawrian Taylor

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Designer’s Tip: Burnish your glittered items, to be sure the glitter sticks properly.



  1. Card front: Place card with the fold at the top. Glue a 6½”x3½” Earth’s Palette teal linen paper to the bottom of your card. Glue a 6½”x2” Earth’s Palette circle paper to the top. Place Pink Swirly Heart Dazzles™ border along the center seam.
  2. On a 2¾"x1¼” Earth’s Palettes purple border paper, print “Happy Valentine’s Day”. Then mat with Earth’s Palette teal circle purple leaving a ¼” border, then mat again onto Earth’s Palette dark purple paper with a 1/8” border. Glue to the lower right corner, ¼” from the right side and bottom of the card.
  3. Color one solid butterfly with LV2, cover again with a glue stick and sprinkle with Crystal Micro Glitter. Let it dry. Color one open butterfly with DG2. Glue the green open butterfly onto the glittered purple solid butterfly. Zot™ to the card as shown.
  4. Peel one side of a 3½”x4” Double-Sided Adhesive and sprinkle with Crystal Micro Glitter. Place the large Pink Swirly Heart Dazzles™ on the glittered paper and trim next to the Dazzles™ edge. Then mat on Earth’s Palette dark purple paper with 1/8” borders. Color in the Pink Swirly Heart Dazzles™ with DG2, LV1 & LV2, as shown. Glue 1/8” from the top and ¾" from the left side of the card. Place the swirly Dazzles™ in the upper right corner as shown.
  5. Zot™ three Ivory Dahlias to the lower left corner, as shown. Banner cut two 1½”x1/2” Earth’s Palette purple border paper and glue them onto the lower left corner (under the Dahlias).
  6. Card inside: Cut 4¾"x3¾" Earth’s Palette purple border paper. Mat onto Earth’s Palette dark purple paper. Glue to the center of the card. Place Pink Swirly Heart Dazzles™ in the corners, as shown. Color in the small hearts Dazzles™ by repeating step 4.