Iris Flower Card

Amy Hurley-Purdie

Iris Flower Card
By Amy Hurley-Purdie

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Designer Tip: Don’t worry if you place the wrong color fold, when your piece is complete you can slide the right color into the finished piece to correct your mistake.



  1. Place your card with the fold on the left. Cover with black cardstock. Cut 4 5/8”x4 5/8” Fancy Feathers multi swirl paper. Trace flower on the back and cut out the flower to create a card topper. Choose each of the following foil papers: 5 magenta, 6 purple, 4 blue, and 7 lime. Cut 1/2” wide strips of each color (you’ll need 17 magenta, 16 purple, 12 blue, 24 lime cut strips). Fold over one long edge of each strip. Secure the pattern to your work surface with stencil tape. Turn the card topper over and place the flower opening over the pattern, aligning it with the pattern. Tape one edge of the card topper to your work surface, so it can be lifted and replaced over the pattern easily.
  2. Following the numbered pattern, begin with the outer numbers. Start with the magenta folded strip and align the folded edge of the strip against the outermost edge of the flower. Trim the strip so it extends about ¼” beyond the opening at each end and glue to the topper. Proceed following by number. Use the magenta for the last section at the center. Lift up the card topper to make sure the front looks aligned properly.
  3. Turn the topper over to the front. Glue the topper to the white cardstock, trimming the edges evenly with the topper. Foam tape it to the card as shown. Zot™ Fancy Feathers ribbon starting from the bottom of the card: green dot, magenta swirl. Zot™ purple mesh ribbon between previous ribbons and blue/yellow stitched grosgrain ribbon across the bottom. Zot™ a bow to the lower left corner. Place Bikes & Baskets Dazzles™ “Smile” on the bottom right of the flower. Place rhinestones on flower center as shown. Add Teal Jewel Border Dazzles™ as shown.