Red Roses

Amy Hurley-Purdie

Red Roses
By Amy Hurley-Purdie

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Designer Tip: When trying to create water that looks realistic, you can apply color to the edges of the bowl, the water line and the bottom of the bowl only. Working from the sides of the bowl use BG1 to lightly feather in some color. Next, in small amounts, feather in BG8, and then BT1. With one swift swipe, go over the edges with the Blender Pen. Repeat with water rim in the bowl, and water at the bottom of the bowl.



  1. Card Front: Place your card with the fold on the left. Cover the card with Robin’s Red teal stripped paper. Cut five 1” strips from Robin’s Red teal and ivory patterned paper. One of these strips will act as a spacing guide so that your stripes will be evenly spaced. Starting in the upper right corner, glue your first strip diagonally. Take the next strip and place it even with the piece you just glued down. Take your third strip and glue it even against the second. Now pick up your unglued strip and place it even against the third strip. Repeat this process until the card is covered.
  2. Glue 3 5/8”x2” Robin’s Red gray patterned paper onto the Flower Border Card Layer. Zot™ 3 5/8” red crepe ribbon below gray patterned paper as shown. Glue centered on card ¾" from left. Zot™ a 5” length of red crepe ribbon ¼” from the bottom. Add a bow as shown
  3. Stamp your image onto Ultra Smooth White Cardstock. Color the image as shown. (Colors used: Bowl- BG1, BG8, BT1, Roses – CR8, DR5, DR7, Leaves – DG4, CG1, CG2, Daisies – FS6, DR7, BG1). Cut 1/16” border around image, and Foam tape to the card front as shown.