LeNae Gerig

By LeNae Gerig

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Designer’s Tip: When using word charms, sandwich contrasting paper between front and back charm to make the words really pop!



  1. Card front: Cut the card to 5” square and cover with red cardstock. Ink the edges of 4 1/2” Robin’s Red gray dot paper and glue to the card. Trace 4 1/2” of Design Tool Kit #3 Elegant Label on Robin’s Red aqua paper and ink the edges. Mat on white cardstock, leaving 1/16” border and glue even with the card top. Personalize by placing Family & Friends Dazzles™ at the bottom point.
  2. Mat 5”x3/4” Robin’s Red gray paper with white cardstock, leaving 1/16” border and glue 1” from the card top. Place Teal Jewel Border Dazzles™ across the card, 5/8” from the top and 1/4” from the bottom.
  3. Use jump rings to attach 4 charms to the bottom edge on a 5 1/4” length of red crochet trim, leaving a 1 1/2” wide space at the center as shown. Glue the trim across the gray border and trim the end even with the card edges.
  4. Trace Design Tool Kit #3 Elegant Tag onto Robin’s Red red dot paper. Ink the edges of 3/4”x1 1/4” Robin’s Red red check paper to the tag center. Place Silver Charm Dazzles™ dragonfly and word “love” on the tag center. Glue the tag to the center of the crochet trim. Use Robin’s Red Ribbons 1/4” wide white metallic ribbon to make a bow and Zot™ to the top of the tag. Place a tiny Silver Charm Dazzles™ heart under the bow.
  5. Inside: Ink edges of 5”x1” Robin’s Red gray paper and glue across the card, 1/2” from the top. Tear 2 1/2” wide corner from Robin’s Red red dot paper and ink the edges. Glue to the card top left corner, 1/8” from the edges. Place two word Silver Charm Dazzles™ on black cardstock, trim next to the Dazzles™ edge and glue under a white metallic bow as shown. Place Family & Friends Dazzles™ across gray border as shown.