Happy Easter

Susan Cobb

Happy Easter
By Susan Cobb

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Designer’s Tip: I used watercolor pencils and a wet brush to create a soft pastel watercolor effect for this darling stamped image.



  1. Front: Place your card with the fold at the top. Cover the card front with Chalkboard tan/pink/blue flowers and flourishes paper. Place the Design Tool large shape with graduated scallop edge so the straight edge of the template is even with the card fold. Trace around the scallop edge with a pencil, then trim the edge of the card front only along the lines. Cut a 6 1/2"x1” Chalkboard ivory/black dots paper and glue across the card front, 1 1/2" from the top. Ink the edges of the card front with Black ink.
  2. Stamp the Easter Bunny image on white cardstock with Black ink. Place the Design Tool Scallop heart template on cardstock with the stamped image centered inside the inner heart shape. Trace the inner heart shape onto the cardstock with a pencil. Remove the template and cut out the shape.
  3. Color in the stamped image with watercolor pencils, leaving some white areas as you go. Color in the bunnies with 187, and the inside of the ears with 131. Color the background of the bottom portion of the egg and the dots on the top of the egg with 131. Color the zig-zag stripe, brush portion of the bunny’s paint brush, and the background of the top of the egg with 156. Color the narrow band just above the center of the egg with 168. Color the handle of the bunny’s paint brush with 234. Use a wet paint brush over the color for a watercolor effect. Take the wet paint brush and obtain a small amount of color from the 234 pencil and paint the background around the stamped image. Let dry.
  4. Glue the stamped and colored image to Chalkboard scuffed black paper with Tacky Glue. Trim the edges to a 1/16” border. Mat on Chalkboard pink scuff paper with 1/8” borders. Ink the edges black. Foam tape centered on the card front. Foam tape the Embellies™ pink flower with brad on the left side of the heart. Write or computer print “Happy Easter” on the Embellies™ gray tag and glue on the right side of the heart. Use 1/2" wide ivory/black dots ribbon to tie a bow. Zot™ the bow on the top of the tag as shown.
  5. Cover the inside with Chalkboard pink scuff paper. Cut a black/white striped strip from the Chalkboard black/white frame paper and glue even with the bottom edge of the inside.