Thinking of You

Susan Cobb

Thinking of You
By Susan Cobb

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Designer’s Tip: Before spreading the embossing paste over the stencil, mark the side of the stencil and the same area outside of the design with a Sharpie, so you can easily reposition the stencil over the design once the embossing paste is dry.



  1. Front: Place your card with the fold on the left. Cover the card front with Hammered Silver Specialty paper. Cut a 6 1/2"x3/8” Violet Suede and place a wide Gold Jewel Border Dazzles™ centered on it. Glue even with the left side of the card.
  2. Turn the Violet Suede sheet vertically. Place the template on the Violet Suede, 4 1/2" from the right edge. The right side of the template will overlap your work surface—tape it in place. Use the squeegee to spread embossing paste evenly over the stencil. Carefully lift the stencil and wash it immediately. Let the embossing paste design air dry for 1 hour.
  3. Reposition the clean stencil on the dried embossing paste design. Using the stipple brush and Stamp & Stick Gluepad, stipple the glue on the dried embossing paste design. Wash the stencil brush. Set the glue with a heat gun for 30 seconds, keeping it moving in a circular motion. Let cool a couple of minutes, then place the metal leaf on top of the glue/embossing paste design. Press into place with the clean stipple brush. Gently brush excess metal leaf away with the stipple brush, using a circular motion to show detailed areas. Tap off the excess metal leaf onto a sheet of wax paper, then transfer to a container for later use.
  4. Trim around the outside edge of the embossed/leafed design with a 1/16” border. Glue centered on the card with the straight edge even with the right side. Place the template with the “Squared Tag C” shape on Hammered Silver Specialty paper. Cut it out and mat on Violet Suede with 1/16” borders. Place Dazzles™ “Thinking of You” centered on the tag. Glue angled on the left side of the embossed/leafed design. Use 3/4" wide purple crepe ribbon to tie a bow. Zot™ on the end of the tag.