Book Trinket Box

LeNae Gerig

Book Trinket Box
By LeNae Gerig

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Designer’s Tip: Glue a row of flowers and leaves overlapping each other to hide the tops or stems on each. This gives a fuller look to the finished piece. Using hot glue allows the flowers and leaves to instantly dry and keep their shape when placed.



  1. Mist the inside of the Book Trinket Box and the 4 pieces of the unassembled box walls with Dragonfly Glimmer Mist and let dry. Assemble the interior box walls using Tacky Craft Glue and let dry. Glue the assembled interior box walls inside the box. Close the lid and let dry.
  2. Apply Black ink to the book box binding. Apply glue stick to the top and bottom covers and cover with Robin’s Red blue stripe paper. Ink the edges black. Cover the oval frame with blue stripe paper and use an X-acto® knife to cut away the inside of the oval. Line the inside of the frame with ivory Robin’s Red paper and glue the frame to the front of the book.
  3. Die cut a 4 5/8”x3 5/8” lacy label from black cardstock and back the label with ivory Robin’s Red paper. Use the knife to cut away the paper from inside the label. Glue the label over the oval frame.
  4. Die cut 10 green cardstock leaves, 12 red cardstock bell flowers and 4 Robin’s Red red dot bells. Apply dark green and silver metallic chalk to the leaves and Black ink to the ends of the bell flowers. Place the bell flowers upside down on the Craft Molding Mat and with the large ball Paper Blossoms tool, indent the center of each flower.
  5. Hot glue a row of flowers and leaves near the top of the label. Cover their stems or tops with a cream twill bow from Robin’s Red Ribbons. Cut 3 stems in half and glue the shortened stems to extend from behind the bow. Continue to glue flowers and leaves, overlapping as shown.
  6. Add a dot of Tacky Glue to some of the bell flowers and sprinkle with Crystal Micro Glitter to look like dew. Let dry and tap off excess glitter.
  7. Glue the unfinished banner piece from the kit below the label and place a greeting from the Black Tiny Words & Phrases Dazzles™.