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Happy Birthday

Susan Cobb

Happy Birthday
By Susan Cobb

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  1. Place your card with the fold at the left. Cover the card with Robin’s Red gray tiles paper. Glue a 2 1/2"x6 1/2" red cardstock centered vertically on the card.
  2. Trace the “Elegant Label” shape onto ivory textured paper, then cut it out. Mat on Robin’s Red blue striped paper with 1/16” borders. Mat again on red with 1/16” borders. Glue centered to the card as shown.
  3. Die cut a cake/stand from red cardstock. Place the die-cut cake portion on Robin’s Red ivory textured paper, trimming edges evenly. Die-cut a cake/stand from light blue cardstock. Set the cake die-cut aside for another project. Glue the leftover horizontal blue pieces to the inside spaces on the red/ivory cake as shown. Foam tape the cake/stand centered on the ivory label.
  4. Die cut 3 flowers from light blue cardstock and back them with ivory textured paper. Foam tape two flowers to the cake as shown. Set aside the remaining flower for the inside. Add Teal Jewel Dazzles™ to the cake die-cut and edges of the ivory label. Trace an “Elegant Tag” shape on light blue cardstock, then cut it out. Write or computer print “Happy Birthday” centered on the tag. Mat on red cardstock with 1/16” borders. Glue to the upper right portion of the card as shown. Use 1/4" wide blue sheer ribbon to tie a bow, then Zot™ to the tag as shown.
  5. Glue a 5”x2” gray tiles paper centered on the inside. Glue a 5”x1/2” blue striped paper strip centered across the tiles paper. Write or computer print sentiment on ivory textured paper and trim to a 2 1/2"x1 1/4" rectangle. Mat on red with 1/16” borders. Tie a knot in a 3” length of blue ribbon and wrap around the upper left corner of the sentiment, gluing the ends at the back to secure. Glue the sentiment centered on the papers. Glue remaining flower die-cut overlapping the lower right corner of the sentiment. Add Teal Jewel Dazzles™ as desired.