Just buzzing by to say Hi!

Susan Cobb

Just buzzing by to say Hi!
By Susan Cobb

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Designer’s Tip: Adding brightly colored strips of patterned paper to the simple blue background brings out the lively colors in these cute die-cuts. I used a Black ink pad to create the black edge on the card front, instead of covering it with cardstock—easy!



  1. Place your blank card with the fold at the left. Ink the outer edges (about 1/8" all around) of the card front with Black ink and let dry.
  2. Cut a 4 7/8”x6 3/8” light blue plaid paper. Cut a 5”x1” orange tiny dots paper and glue across the light blue paper, 3 3/8” from the top. Cut a 5”x1” red/ivory dots paper and glue overlapping the lower 1/2" of the orange paper. Cut a 5”x1/2” green tiny dots paper and glue even with the bottom edge of the light blue paper. Trim sides even with the light blue paper. Glue centered on the card with the green paper toward the bottom.
  3. Punch out an orange swirl die-cut and place angled and centered near the top of the card. Add the white/red tag die-cut overlapping the center of the orange swirl, then glue pieces in place. Foam tape the white label with orange/red flower die-cut centered on the orange and red paper strips as shown.
  4. Cut out “Just buzzing by...” greeting and place overlapping the center of the white tag and label die-cuts. Foam tape the top portion to the white tag and glue the bottom onto the label. Foam tape the lady bug, bee, flower and leaves, heart, and flower center die-cuts on the card as shown. Use 3/8” wide black satin ribbon to tie a small bow. Zot the bow near the greeting as shown.
  5. Inside: Cut a 5”x1” light blue plaid paper and ink the edges black. Cut a 5”x1/2” red/ivory dots paper and glue centered across the light blue paper. Glue centered across the card. Mat the “Hello” die-cut label with orange tiny dots paper with 1/16” borders. Glue centered over the papers. Glue orange swirl and flower die-cuts as shown. Zot™ knotted ribbon as shown.