Just Married

LeNae Gerig

Just Married
By LeNae Gerig

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Designer’s Tip: This card could be used for an anniversary simply by changing the greeting, which is also included on the Silver Wedding & Anniversary Scrapbooking Dazzles™.



  1. Card Front: Place the card fold on the left. Tear the edges of Cardmaker’s Jewel Creative Pack purple vellum and cut into 1/2” wide strips. Glue to the top and bottom of the card, 1/8” from the edges.
  2. Glue 5”x 5 3/4” Cardmaker’s Jewel Creative Pack blue across the card center. Glue a length of 1/2” wide White Crochet Trim across the top and bottom of the blue paper. Place Wedding & Anniversary Scrapbooking Dazzles™ borders on the straight edge of each length of the crochet border.
  3. Glue 5”x2” Cardmaker’s Jewel Creative Pack purple paper across the card center and place lengths of Wedding & Anniversary Scrapbooking Dazzles™ border across the top and bottom edges.
  4. Place the wedding cake Dazzles™ on white cardstock and trim next to the Dazzles™ edge. Glue to the card center. Back the heart Dazzles™ with white and glue to the cake top. Shade the right side of the cake with purple chalk and the topper and flowers with Sugarberry Smooch™. Let dry and place Blue Jewel Dazzles™ on the flower centers.