LeNae Gerig

By LeNae Gerig

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Designer’s Tip: For extra shine, sprinkle gold glitter onto the wet Metallic Gold Embossing Paste on random areas, tap off the excess and let the image dry.



  1. Place the card fold on the left and cover with black cardstock. Secure the template to the card, with the image 1” from the card top, using stencil tape. Apply Metallic Gold embossing paste over the template, using a squeegee.
  2. Remove the template while the paste is still wet and clean immediately. While the Flowers & Flourish image is still wet, sprinkle with gold glitter and tap off the excess. Let dry.
  3. Place Gold Jewel Dazzles™ at the top and bottom of the card as shown. Place “Congratulations!” Gold Greetings Dazzles™ on the card top as shown.