Best Friend

Susan Cobb

Best Friend
By Susan Cobb

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Designer’s Tip: This Creative Palette Monoprinting Plate is really fun to use! I used the brayer to spread the paint over the plate, then used the Butterflies & Dragonflies template to add texture for the pink background. For the large blue/green/purple butterfly I added texture by rolling the hearts patterned brayer over the paint. For best results, just guide the brayer over the paint with no pressure. You will need to work quickly to create your prints before the paint starts to dry. Wash your plate and brayers with water, using rubbing alcohol to remove any stubborn paint.



  1. Front: Remove the acetate liner from the Creative Palette Monoprinting Plate and place on your craft sheet. For the pink background paper: shake the Picked Raspberry, Spun Sugar, and Seedless Preserves Distress Paints. Remove the caps and pour a several drops of each color randomly on the plate. Use the rubber brayer to spread the paint over the surface in 2 or 3 swipes—you want to spread the colors so they just begin to mix.
  2. Place the Butterflies & Dragonflies template directly on the paint and press it lightly. Lift the template off and place it paint side up on your table for a moment. Place a sheet of white cardstock directly on the plate and smooth it with your fingers. Lift the cardstock off the plate and place on your table to dry. Now place the template back on the plate, paint side down. Brayer over the template with the rubber brayer, then remove the template from the plate and set it aside. Place white cardstock on the plate and make a print as before. Set aside to dry. You will use this second print for your card background.
  3. Add the Salty Ocean, Evergreen Bough, Seedless Preserves, and a tiny amount of Mowed Lawn Distress Paint on the Plate. Use the rubber brayer to smooth out the paint, then roll the Hearts small brayer lightly over part of the plate. Place a sheet of white cardstock on the plate, smooth it out, and lift your print. Set aside to dry. Mist the plate lightly with water, add white cardstock and pull off the print. Set aside to dry. Mist the plate again and make a second print. Set aside to dry.
  4. Cut a 11”x7” piece of white cardstock and fold in half for a 5 1/2"x7” card. Cover the card front with the blue/green/purple background paper. Cut a 5”x6 1/2" piece of the pink textured background paper and glue it centered on the card. Glue teal mini rick rack even with the left pink edge. Use the template to trace a large butterfly shape from the remaining blue/green/purple background paper. Cut out the shape. Use the template to trace a butterfly body from a purple area of remaining paper, then cut it out. Trace a smaller butterfly on the lighter misted printed paper, then cut it out. Foam tape the butterflies and body together in layers as shown. Foam tape to the card front.
  5. Cut a 1 3/4"x1” rectangle from remaining blue/green/purple paper and trim the ends for a tag shape. Mat on a dark pink area of remaining paper with 1/16” borders. Place Dazzles™ “Best Friend” centered on the tag and glue to the upper left portion of the card as shown. Use metallic teal cord to tie a bow and Zot™ on the tag as shown.