Best Wishes

Susan Cobb

Best Wishes
By Susan Cobb

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Designer’s Tip: After stamping your images with FlitterGlu, add Metal Leaf for a rich, colorful finish! The Metal Leaf shows beautifully on dark colors, especially black cardstock.



  1. Front: Place your card with the fold at the left. Cover the card with Mirage blue/yellow tiles paper and ink the edges black. Cut a 4”x5 1/2" yellow textured paper and round the corners. Mat on black cardstock with 1/16” borders, leaving the corners straight. Glue centered on the card.
  2. Cut a doily from black cardstock, using the die-cutting machine and the large oval doily cutting die. Cut a Mirage blue textured paper mat using the large mat cutting die. Glue the black doily centered on the blue mat and glue it centered on the yellow section of the card.
  3. Add FlitterGlu to a foam pad on the blending tool and spread evenly with a scrap of cardstock. Place the blossom stamp on the acrylic block and use the blending tool/foam pad to apply glue evenly to the stamp. Stamp firmly but quickly onto black cardstock. Place Metal Leaf over the stamped image and gently press in place with your fingers, making sure to include some of the blue areas on the flower. Now use your fingers in a circular motion to rub the image. Tap excess Metal Leaf onto wax paper. Repeat until no more leaf comes off. Use the Scoochy Foam to gently polish the image in a circular motion. Repeat this same process for 3 stamped leaves, this time using mostly the gold areas of the metal leaf. Cut around each stamped/leafed image, leaving a 1/16” border.
  4. Foam tape the blossom and leaves overlapping the bottom of the oval doily as shown. Add Gold Greetings Dazzles™ “Best Wishes” centered on the doily. Add Gold Jewel Dazzles™ on the doily and corners of the black matting as shown. Use 3/4" wide blue crepe ribbon to tie a bow. Zot™ the bow near the top of the doily.