Thinking of You

Susan Cobb

Thinking of You
By Susan Cobb

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Designer’s tip: I inked the flat side of the embossing folder, then embossed the image on white cardstock—the result is a beautiful white embossed image against the darker, recessed inked areas. I love the contrast and the ease of this technique! I embossed the roses and leaves on contrasting papers, then lightly inked the embossed areas for definition. Layering them together creates a pretty 3-D effect.



  1. Card front: Place your card with the fold at the left. Cover the card front with Kindred Spirits pink/lavender/green tiles paper. Ink the edges with Fawn ink.
  2. Cut two 5”x6 1/2" pieces of white cardstock. Open your embossing folder and ink the flat side (the side with black on the outside surface) directly and evenly with the Fawn ink pad. Carefully position 1 piece of white cardstock inside the folder on the inked surface, close the folder, and sandwich with the appropriate plates for your machine. Pull through the machine, then open the folder and carefully remove the cardstock. Set aside to dry for a moment. Repeat for the second piece of cardstock.
  3. Trim around the edges of the embossed image on one of the pieces of cardstock, and then mat on brown/ivory dots paper with 1/8” borders. Glue centered on the card. Emboss the rose/leaves portion of the folder on Kindred Spirits green, pink, and dark pink patterned papers. Cut out the green rose and leaves as one piece, then use the cosmetic sponge to lightly ink over the embossed areas of the leaves. Repeat for the pink rose and the dark pink center. Glue the green rose/leaves over the matching rose image on the card. Foam tape the pink and dark pink rose pieces over their matching images as shown.
  4. Use the Squared Tag A template shape to trace a tag on Kindred Spirits green patterned paper. Cut it out and ink the edges. Glue angled on the top left corner of the embossed image. Place “Thinking of You” Dazzles™ centered on the tag. Use 1 1/2" wide pink crepe ribbon to tie a bow and cut the tails in a “V”. Zot™ the bow on the top of the tag. Decorate the lace border and flower center of the embossed image with Gold Jewel Dazzles™.
  5. Inside: Take the remaining piece of inked/embossed cardstock and cut a 2 3/4"x2 1/8” section of the dotted background area. Mat on Kindred Spirits brown/ivory dots paper with 1/16” borders. Mat on Kindred Spirits pink/lavender/green tiles paper with 1/2" borders. Ink the edges. Cut a piece of the lace border from the remaining inked/embossed cardstock. Glue overlapping the upper left corner of the matting. Trim sides evenly with the paper. Glue centered on the inside. Trace and cut out a Bracket Label A shape from Kindred Spirits green patterned paper and ink the edges. Glue centered on the embossed plaque on the inside. Place heart and “With Love” Dazzles™ centered on the label. Decorate the lace border with Gold Jewel Dazzles™ as shown.