Spread Delight Card

Gail Booth

Spread Delight Card
By Gail Booth

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Designer’s Tip: Use an extra cardstock shim when die cutting the bird to produce the beautiful embossed swirl and dot design.



  1. Card front: Place a blank card with the fold on your left and cover with navy suede paper. Use Corner Chompers on the ½” setting to round the upper right corner.
  2. Corner chomp the upper right corner of 4¾”x6¼” Homeward Bound red/blue stripe paper and ink the edges with Toffee ink. Ink one long edge of a square doily with Toffee, then place one corner of the square on the upper left corner of the striped paper, lining up the inked doily edge on the right with the diagonal stripes of the paper. Glue in place and trim even with the card edges. Ink the cut doily edges. Tie a knot on the left side of ¾” ivory twill ribbon and wrap around the paper ½” from the bottom, gluing the ends to the back. Glue doily piece even with the bottom left corner of your card, leaving the top left corner unglued.
  3. Follow your die cutting machine manufacturer's instructions to cut a large bird from red suede and foam tape in place as shown. Foam tape a large dahlia and three small forget-me-nots over a bow of ¼” sheer ivory ribbon at the bird’s feet.
  4. Zot™ the metal “bird on a perch” onto navy suede and trim even with the embellishment edges. Loop ¼” sheer ribbon through the top hole and tuck ends under the striped paper, 1¼” from the left side. Glue top left corner of doily piece to the navy suede. Foam tape the metal piece in place and tie a bow around the looped ribbon as shown. Place “Spread Delight” Dazzles™ as shown.