Scalloped Diamond Aperture Happy Anniversary Card

LeNae Gerig

Scalloped Diamond Aperture Happy Anniversary Card
By LeNae Gerig

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Designer’s Tip: The card center front will fold out into a mountain fold, and the center back will make a valley fold, which allows this card to stand upright unaided.



  1. You will need a blank white scalloped tri-fold card, the Happy Anniversary cut-out paper sheet and the Happy Anniversary die-cut sheet, all included in the kit. Pre-fold the blank white scalloped tri-fold card.
  2. Cut out the paper “Happy Anniversary” scalloped card and glue to one side of the blank die-cut tri-fold card. Glue one section at a time and fold as you glue, to avoid puckering when completed.
  3. Punch out the 3 panels from the die-cut sheet and save for another project. Fold the remaining arched frame along the score lines and foam tape the 2 side frames to the side panels on the card. The center arched frame will fold forward and the back of the card center will fold back when closed.
  4. Cut out flowers and leaves from the card cut-out paper and foam tape over the same images on the card for 3-D effect. Embellish flower centers and card with clusters of 3 Teal Jewel Dazzles™. Use ¾” wide blue dot sheer Feathers Ribbon to make a bow and Zot™ on the arch as shown.