Happy Birthday cd

LeNae Gerig

Happy Birthday cd
By LeNae Gerig

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Designer’s Tip: Secure the locket by folding the tabs on the right, one up and one down, to pinch the locket closed.



  1. Cut the card to 5” square and place the fold at the top. Cover the card with lavender 8”x8” Cardstock For Princess Papers. Cut Hunkydory Foil butterfly border paper to 4½” square and place Pink Jewel Border Dazzles™ along the top and bottom edge of the silver border. Place a Purple Jewel Dazzles™ on each end of the silver border.
  2. Place a length of Purple Jewel Border Dazzles™ along the bottom edge. Mat the paper square with pink cardstock, leaving 1/16” border and glue to the card center with the border at the top.
  3. Fold the pink butterfly locket and foam tape to the left side of the border. Use 3/8” wide purple/white swirl Painted Flowers Ribbon to make a bow and Zot( to the top of the locket. Embellish the butterfly with Purple Jewel Dazzles™. Fold the pink foil envelope and glue to secure. Glue to the right side of the locket and glue the “Happy Birthday” greeting inside the opened envelope. Zot( 3 lavender and purple flowers as shown.