Ornate Arch Window Box Card

LeNae Gerig

Ornate Arch Window Box Card
By LeNae Gerig

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Designer’s Tip: A bone folder will give your acetate clean scored lines.



  1. There are 2 die cut sheets and 1 set of acetate arched window to make the More than Just a Friend” Arch Window Box Card. Use the X-acto® knife to cut down the center of the acetate widows and the top and bottom. Use the bone folder to score the outside edges. Embellish window with Pink Jewel Dazzles™. Use Ultra Clear Tape to adhere the acetate window inside the back of what will be the card arched window front.
  2. Score the die-cut teeth on each side and fold them to bend inward. Use Ultra Clear Tape to adhere one side of the teeth to the curved arch on the inside card arched window front.
  3. Foam tape the oval greeting die-cut to the card floral inner background piece (the one without the printed greeting). Place Ultra Tape along the top of the greeting arched back and adhere the scored teeth.
  4. Glue the arched back piece with stand to the back of the card. Fold and glue the tabs from the card front to the sides. Glue the “Lovingly Handmade by” die-cut circle to the card back.
  5. Knot a length of ½” wide pink dot Kindred Spirit Ribbon and Zot( to the window on the card front. Foam tape the “Especially for you…” die-cut circle to the card front as shown.