Memories Calendar

Debbie Samples

Memories Calendar
By Debbie Samples

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Designer Tip: Gold leaf and the Darkroom paper pack make a perfect pair!



  1. Before covering the chipboard cover, use the X-acto knife and mat to cut on the top of the film border at the bottom of a Darkroom Border page. Glue to the Calendar front leaving a small unglued space along the line you cut into the paper. Round the corners with a scissors, and poke the hole to hang the calendar. Knot a 17” ribbon and glue it across the bottom of the board 1½” from the bottom. Place the year on a Darkroom die cut tag, and slip on the ribbon. Foam tape in place
  2. Cut a 5”x5” brown cardstock. Use the FlitterGlu to ink up your stamp. Stamp on the cardstock, and carefully cover with the gold flakes. Press into the glue. Cover with a sheet of acetate or waxed paper and burnish with your finger. Use the Scoochy Sponge to rub off the excess flakes. Use a light pressure so as to not take off too much gold. Once you have a nice image, set it aside. Tear a 10 1/2x5” Dark Teal cardstock. Use the same process to stamp one full heart on the right side, and two partial hearts on the left side. Glue into place slipping the bottom of the torn paper into the film section you cut in Step 1. Foam tape the brown gold leaf heart just above the teal one. Add Darkroom Dazzles™ swirls above the hearts, and on the teal paper. Insert an Embellies( into a Star/swirl die cut Foam tape between the hearts on the teal paper. Back a “MEMORIES” Dazzles™ with a 2½”x1/2” brown cardstock. Glue to the label die cut. Foam tape to the left side. Insert a camera Embellies( into a star die cut. Glue to the ribbon on the right side.
  3. Mat a 6”x4” photo on Teal cardstock with 1/8” borders. Mat again on Brown cardstock with ¼” borders Glue to the top left corner at an angle.
  4. Use the Cinch machine to cut the holes in your covers and all of the pages. Face the right sides of the covers together and add the pages. Slip the wire binding in the holes. Use the Cinch machine to cinch the binding together.