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Focus On The Good Times Page

Gail Booth

Focus On The Good Times Page
By Gail Booth

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Designer Tip: Frame your photos behind the filmstrip to match the rich paper theme.



  1. Background: Start with 12”x12” Darkroom camera border paper as your background. Ink the edges of 8 ½”x6 ½” Darkroom maroon paper black, then place 1” from upper right corner. Ink edges of 7 ½”x5 ¼” Darkroom yellow tile paper and place at an angle over the maroon paper, as shown. Ink edges of 12”x3 ¼” Darkroom stripe paper (keeping the lens circle strip at the bottom) and place 2 ½” from the bottom edge of your page. Place large swirl Dazzles™ on the upper corners of the maroon paper. Cover the back of the filmstrip border Dazzles™ with Darkroom maroon paper and glue 1/16” from the bottom edge of your page.
  2. Photos: Mat a 4”x6” photo on Darkroom yellow tile paper with a 1/16" border, ink the edges then place on 7”x4 ¾” Darkroom brown/white words paper with ¼” border on the left, top and bottom edges. Place 1 ¾” from the upper right corner of your page. Back filmstrip border Dazzles™ with Darkroom yellow paper and glue 1/16” from the right side of the photo mat, trimming even with mat edges. Pop out two corner die-cuts and foam tape on the top corners of the photo.
  3. Photo Strips: Cut out one 12” long filmstrip from the acetate along the black lines and lay horizontally. Place a 2 ½”x2” photo behind the second window from the left. Punch a hole between the two center windows, then insert a “Flash!” Embellies™ brad. Zot™ the strip centered on the striped paper. Cut out another filmstrip from the acetate, cut down to just two frames and lay vertically. Place two 2”x2 ½” photos behind the two windows. Place a scroll Dazzles™ and punch a hole between the two windows, then insert a gold Embellies™ brad. Zot™ the strip in place at an angle on the left of the large photo, going off the page, as shown, and trim even with the page edges.
  4. Embellishments: Back the “Smile” frame Dazzles™ with a photo, trimming even with the Dazzles™ edges. Foam tape the piece on the right end of the filmstrip, as shown. Zot™ a bow of ½” maroon grosgrain below the photo, over a length of ½” black grosgrain and cut the ends in a “v”. Cut the prongs from a gold Embellies™ brad and Zot™ onto the bow.
  5. Using the “Focus on the Good Times” Dazzles™, back “focus” on maroon paper and the lens on brown lens paper. Back the entire piece on acetate and foam tape over the large brown frame label die-cut. Foam tape at the left, as shown. Zot™ a double knot of both grosgrains with ¼” maroon sheer on the left side of the label and cut the ends in a “v”.
  6. Punch a hole and insert a maroon lens Embellies™ brad in the film scroll die-cut, then foam tape under the label. Foam tape the lens w/camera Embellies™ brad over the filmstrip die-cut, then foam tape to the right of the “Flash!” brad, as shown. Zot™ on a knot of ¼” maroon sheer. Place a flash Dazzles™ on the camera and two arrow Dazzles™ along the filmstrip acetate.