Winter Wishes Card

LeNae Gerig

Winter Wishes Card
By LeNae Gerig

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Designer’s Tip: The Paper Blossoms Paper Tool Kit includes tweezers and they are nice to have for this project because the tree pieces are small and you get close to the heat gun to melt embossing powders. Font: Homemade Apple 20 pt.



  1. Place the card fold on the top. Apply VersaMark™ along the bottom edge of 6‘x4 ¾” Fresh Frost dark blue snowflake paper and sprinkle with super fine white embossing powder. Heat with gun and while still hot sprinkle a small amount of WOW! Opaque Bright White Embossing Powder into the “snow” and around the middle of the paper. Heat from the bottom of the paper so the chunky powder does not fly away.
  2. Mat the dark blue rectangle on the sides and bottom with Kraft cardstock, leaving 1/16” border. Ink edges brown and glue even with the card top. Tear one long edge of 6”x1” tan/navy plaid paper and ink torn edge. Glue even with the card top.
  3. Die cut one large and one small tree from green suede paper. Add dimension to the tree by placing each die cut piece upside down on the mouse pad or craft foam. Use the large stylus tool to rub in a circular motion to make an indentation in the suede. Turn the pieces over and rub the bottom edge of each layer of the trees across the VersaMark™ Stamp Pad and sprinkle with super fine white embossing powder. Heat with gun and while still tacky, dip into the chunky WOW! Embossing Powder. Heat from the bottom so that it does not fly away. Assemble the tree layers with glue and glue the largest tree to the right side of the card and foam tape the small tree overlapping the left.
  4. Die cut both deer from Kraft cardstock. Ink edges brown and glue to the card as shown. Write or print “Winter Wishes” on Kraft cardstock and cut into a 2½”x1/2” strip with a “v” on the right side. Ink edges and glue to the left side of the border as shown.