Snowflake Glass Ornaments

LeNae Gerig

Snowflake Glass Ornaments
By LeNae Gerig

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Designer’s Tip: Frost the inside of the ornament by sprinkling a tiny amount of micro glitter inside and it will cling to the glass.



  1. Place Snowflake Dazzles™ border around the edge of the glass disc ornament and a large snowflake on the center front of the ornament. Place a large Blue Bling rhinestone on the snowflake center.
  2. Remove the ornament cap and sprinkle a tiny amount of Crystal Micro Glitter inside. Cover the opening with your fingertip and shake until the glass in coated. Tap out excess glitter and replace the cap.
  3. Use 1/8” wide blue ribbon to make a bow and Zot( to the front of the ornament cap. Thread a 7” length of ribbon though the hanger and knot the ends to make a ribbon hanger.