Holly Glass Ornaments

LeNae Gerig

Holly Glass Ornaments
By LeNae Gerig

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Designer’s Tip: Add whimsy to your ornament with coiled strips of glimmer paper stuffed inside.



  1. Wrap the Stacked Holly Dazzles™ border around the outside edge of the Glass Disc Ornament. Place the 3 sprig holly leaves on green Adhesive Mirror Sheet and cut out. Peel mirror sheet backing and place the holly on the front of the glass disc.
  2. Fill the Stacked Holly Dazzles™ berries with red glitter glue. Place dots of red glitter glue on the border on the ornament side. Let dry. Cut ¼” wide strips of red glimmer paper. Starting from one end, coil each length and drop into the mouth of the ornament, allowing it to uncoil inside. Repeat until full. Replace cap.
  3. Use a length of 1/8” Ribbon to make a bow and Zot( the ornament cap front. Thread a 7” length of ribbon though the ornament hanger and knot the ends.