Thank You Card

Susan Cobb

Thank You Card
By Susan Cobb

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Designer’s Tip: I taped off the stencil to add embossing paste to the butterfly’s body, antennae, and inside the wings. Then I added embossing glitter to the surface of the embossing paste and heated it with the heat gun for a striking result!



  1. Front: Place your card with the fold at the top. Cover the card front with Darkroom gold/brown/aqua collage paper. Cut a 6 1/2"x7/8” brown/aqua strip of Darkroom striped paper and glue it even with the top. Ink the edges brown. Add Thin Lines Dazzles™ across the bottom edge of the striped paper and the card.
  2. Place the butterfly stencil on Darkroom dark brown textured paper and tape the edges in place. Tape off the outer wings of the butterfly with stencil tape and/or post-it notes, leaving the body, antennae, and inner wing sections exposed. Use the mini squeegee to apply an even layer of copper embossing paste over the exposed areas of the stencil. Sprinkle the embossing paste with Totally Teal embossing Glitter. Carefully tap off the excess, and carefully remove the tape and stencil. Wash the stencil immediately and blot with a paper towel. Holding the heat gun 4” away, heat the embossing glitter to melt—watching carefully so you don’t overheat the embossing paste.
  3. Replace the clean stencil over the dry embossed image. Mask over the teal embossed areas as before, then apply copper embossing paste over the remaining butterfly image. Carefully lift the stencil and tape and wash immediately. Allow the embossing paste image to dry.
  4. Trim around the butterfly image and glue angled on the right side of the card. Use the same technique in steps 2 and 3 for a fancy corner with teal embossed glitter on one end of the design as shown. Cut it out, trimming the large swirls from the sides. Glue on the upper left corner of the card.
  5. Place Tiny Words & Phrases Dazzles™ “Thank You” on the lower left side of the card.
  6. Inside: Cut a 4”x1 3/4" Darkroom gold/brown/aqua collage paper. Ink the edges brown and mat on Darkroom dark brown textured paper with 1/4" borders. Add Thin Lines Dazzles™ even with the bottom of the mat. Glue centered on the inside, 1/2" from the bottom. Cut a 2”x3/8” Darkroom dark brown textured paper and place “You’re the best” centered on it. Add Thin Lines Dazzles™ at the sides. Glue near the center of the matted paper. Create another stenciled corner as before, but just use the copper embossing paste and trim it smaller if desired. Glue on the upper left corner of the matted paper.